About the Artist


Gabriela Dudek was born and raised in Eastern Europe and currently resides in Canada for the past 20 years. She graduated with a cultural anthropology degree and took on art as her passion in the later years.

She has taken several lessons and tips from a local artist Katarzyna Kabacinska, MFA. 

Due to Gabriela's minimal training and outstanding talent, she is very often noticed and appreciated as a self-taught artist.

Her love for painting in several techniques has become Gabriela's way of relaxation and expression. Her biggest inspiration comes from the nature around her and her deep passion for travelling. All of her paintings are her original work, unless stated otherwise. Some of the art pieces are based on her daughter Irena's photography.



                                     Gabriela is open for any offers of organizing or participating in an art show

                                         supporting Charities by donating her paintings for auctions , as well as direct selling.



                                      This website is periodicly updated  with images of new art pieces.

                                         If interested please contact at: gdudek@rogers.com